Friday, September 22, 2017

A Kickoff !

When the Upanishad states the 2 rules of the Universe ," Ritam cha Satyam cha" , Rita -the Natural law, Satya -the Reality. Satya is what happened , Rita is the rule according to which it has happened. That's when the bad example becomes the rule , allowing Satya , to continue with the happenings. 

This is my story. A young girl who broke every Reality to create her own rule. A nineteen year old who continues to lives a happy content life on the kidney donated by her Nani. 

The reasons for writing my experience has changed much since the passage of time - from sensation to spiritual, from a book to a blog. Today , it's simply about wanting & hoping , that someone , anyone , benefits from my adventure's !

It's rightly said - when the time is right ,  the elements shall fall into place. No matter that I had begun penning much earlier, the drive began when I read an article posted by Vikram,  about a 68 year woman in U.K, going strong with a 100 year old kidney & a transplant of around 42 years. Rachna insisted I pen in my experiences. Ruchi , according to whom, I still lead my life as if my surgery was done, no less than a few weeks ago (No matter, that its a good 31 years & an approximately, 95 year old kidney, that is extremely assiduous ). And I knew it was time for me to reach out.  

The same got an added stimuli on meeting Vasundhara Raghavan. The woman behind Kidney Warriors & her one focused dedication to Organ Donation & the various issues,that patients of Renal failure & their families have to go through. Be it in reference to Dialysis or the process of transplant.  

Topics as they unfold shall have a present & a past. A reference on the then to the now. On the innumerable changes that continue through the passage of time. 

The Who:
Ruchi: younger sister !

Vikram & Rachna : Brother & sister in law !

Vasundhara: the woman with a mission !