Monday, May 25, 2020

Marathon & Me !

Marathon has become a benchmark for your physical strength & fitness ! Each year , their is an escalation of the number of participants , the number of Marathon events across the world. Each event promotes various Corporates , NGO's and Individual's, with sponsors taking on reasonable social responsibility & sizeable marketing exposure !

Listening and watching many CKD patients participating in the Marathon, I went down memory lane!

In January 2009 - I participated in the Dream run ( 7 km ) with a friend’s sister in the Bombay Marathon . Early morning chill , ideal weather for a run , a stupendous festive energy all around. That was the time when no one knew about my transplant , when physical training after transplant was probably unheard off or just taking shape in India. I just wanted to be a part of this event which was growing in stature & popularity. We ran some , we walked some , we cheered the other Marathoner’s - groups running for a cause , individuals -heading to make a new record & stark newcomers ( like us ) !

Did we complete the run ?  We did, at a lazy pace . Would I have pushed myself to begin training , take part in the next Marathon as an athlete - most likely Not ! Simply because running does not give me the High or Thrill or Satisfaction. It does not give me the Adrenaline rush , all attributes associated with Marathon. Having said that, Physical activity, a combination of walking , workouts & yoga, is a part of my daily schedule !

The reason I write this note, is to bring to the forefront , the changing times. The awareness on how medication , diet, workouts, physical activity, grit can transform individuals to become Inspirations - to aspire & to achieve what was once inconvievable !

Pave your own Path , a path that some day will motivate and encourage other to think beyond the box !