Thursday, March 26, 2020

Precaution & Hygiene , a way of Life ! - COVID 19

Hello everyone. With so many messages , media , government diktat’s & then trying to organise the supply chains - we as individuals will have to take onus for our own safety. 
Please understand this virus is here to stay , like any other virus ( cold , cough , flu , chickengunya , swine flu , etc etc etc ). We shall  build immunity , find a vaccine or die , just as has been with any epidemic. The reason this is a major worry , it’s a pandemic , reaching across the globe. 
And India , lacks in medical facilities , health benefit , health equipment , population which cannot be expected to abide by social distancing,.
Which means , this might just be tip
 Of the iceberg. Therefore , we have to be careful about our own health. We have to do what we ( transplant lot )  have already done & what other patients / caregivers are aware off - we have to behave as if we are on a post transplant syndrome for atleast a year or more. Not to that level off isolation / quarantine - but same intensity of precautionary measures. That will be beneficial for all , as of today & future. 
It is essential that we do not let our guard down! The idea of this message is not to scare anyone but to reinstate the need for precautions & keep Fear at bay - to pls make Basic Hygiene a way of Life , a Discipline! 
Be active in these 21 days of Lockdown. Do things around the house , exercise some , do Zumba , gear up your creative side  - anything to keep Laziness at bay ! 

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